Brazilian Body Sculpting Lymphatic Drainage by Josie Rushing

Learn how to do Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage ONLINE or IN PERSON



Increase your income up to 3x with the revolutionary Body Contouring training.

Meet Josie Rushing, the Self made Brazilian that in less than 1 year has revolutionized the Beauty Industry in Texas. She has finally decided to share her professional skills & marketing secrets in one quick and easy. The “Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage by Josie Rushing” is on the forefront for the evolution of beauty. But What is Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage, Josie? The “Lymphatic Drainage” is known here in the US specifically for therapeutic water release only, but in Brazil we’ve laid out a completely different level of technique for ladies that are looking for significant results in just one single session.

"Josie currently sells one single session of 50 min for $300 and charges $850 for an outcall (Body + Face Lymphatic)

The Brazilian Lymphatic by Josie Rushing gives our clients quick results, instantaneous shape, and target contouring for clients that are looking for significant results in just one session.


Get your Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage by Josie certification online or in person in one day only.


Just ask yourself:

Why do Americans spend money with body contouring (on average) only once a month (if) ever?

Did you know that the majority of Brazilian women typically do a Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage at least once a week?


Are you ready for?

- Instantly contours the body

- Improves blood circulation

- Reduces water retention

- Reduces swelling and bloating

- Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite

- Promotes digestive health

- Helps fight off infection


Celebrities out of Hollywood are finally discovering this technique that will soon become the next “Brazilian Waxing” like trend here in America. Professionals can make tons of money with our “Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage by Josie Rushing” technique.


Here are your options:

1) Book your class in person with Josie Rushing. WE OFFER (CE) CREDITS for Students here in Texas


2) Buy your Online Class (This option has very limited spaces, so if you see a "Sold Out" message, go ahead and sign up to receive the latest info


3) Sign up for our FREE MasterClass:

Still have questions what would be the best option for you? So, here is what you will learn about:

- Lymphatic System

- Brazilian Lymphatic Massage by Josie Rushing

- Equipment Use and Care

- Liability Forms

- Contraindications

- Marketing

- International Certificate of Completion

-Your Name will be featured on our Brazilicious® website, as well as on our Instagram (22k+ followers)



We do not require any experience to take our Online Workshop, but you must verify, according to the laws of your country/state which regulations and licenses you’d need to have to begin working with lymphatic drainage. If you decide to learn for yourself (for self lymphatic) or if you’ll be doing on others for free in a non-business environment, you do not require a license.




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Brazilian Face Contouring Lymphatic Drainage by Josie Rushing

This class is offered exclusively online.

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Brazilian Post Surgery Lymphatic Drainage

This class is currently offered online and  in person 


The Brazilian Post Surgery Lymphatic Drainage by Josie Rushing technique uses the lymphatic system to flush out the fluids without the risk of contamination from squeezing out the fluids. We do not use any aggressive or invasive treatments, such as lipocavitation or wood therapy. We believe that the body has already endured enough trauma after a surgery and we can not only provide relief to the patient through their lymphatic system, but also give them the body contouring that they need.

Non aggressive techniques such as LED lights, tapping, and high frequency ultrasound are used to avoid the accumulation of scar tissue consequently leading to fibrosis. (All of which is based upon years of scientific studies which are readily available.)


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