Unlike the heart that pumps blood throughout our body, our lymphatic system relies upon our body’s muscle pump action and the stimulated movement to keep things flowing. Considered a major part of our immune system, lymph nodes are located all over the body but most identifiable in the neck, armpits, and groin areas. Unfortunately, stagnant lymph flow can result in swelling, bloating, fatigue, and/or excess toxins left to accumulate within our body. Having a BLDM regimen can assist us with promoting that system to detox naturally — and energize the body. In Brazil, having these types of therapeutic massages done is a regular thing like getting your hair done, nails, or facials are here in America.

The Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage by Josie Rushing is an exclusive method that instantaneously sculpts your body. It starts with an invigorating warm up; stimulating specific points of the body, while improving blood circulation with the “cupping” technique. The Majority of the work is done manually and is perfect for aligning and exalting your curves. 

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