Over time, women have tried SO MANY different techniques to reduce their unwanted hair (such as shaving, hair removal cream or bleaching.) But the results of these things have never lasted long enough! Shaving and hair removal cream only remove the hair from the surface, so you must constantly repeat the process to maintain the results. Bleaching is the process of lightening the hair with a bleaching cream. Though this method is inexpensive and (hopefully) painless, this process only lightens the hair; it doesn’t remove anything.  Usually, this process only makes the hair shinier and more likely to be noticed in the sun.

Next time that you're getting prepped for the spring or summer, try Brazilian waxing instead. "A Brazilian" is similar to a bikini wax, only more areas that hair is removed. Though a Brazilian wax can have a few uncomfortable moments, it's well worth it when you wear that bikini to the beach! Most women will get their eyebrows, upper lip, and armpits waxed anyway, so why not your bikini area too? Here are the reasons why you'll love getting a Brazilian wax:

Consistency: One key to the success of Brazilian wax is consistency. To reap the most benefits, it helps to consistently get waxed. (Put it on a schedule) When you receive a Brazilian wax every four weeks for example, the hair will grow back finer and less densely.

Skin Health: Not only does waxing remove body hair, it also removes dead skin cells. So, you're getting a two for one deal--- getting rid of unwanted hair and exfoliating your skin!

Smoother Skin: Since you're removing the hair from the root and exfoliating your skin, your skin will feel smoother.

Longer-Lasting Results: When you remove the hair by its root, it will take much longer to grow back. It's well known already that shaving is a quick fix to your unwanted hair issue, but the hair will begin growing back almost immediately and can often have a thicker appearance.

Less Irritation: You can say goodbye to that painful, itchy razor burn for good!  Unlike shaving, waxing will reduce the thickness of your hair and leave you with smooth, less irritated, itch-free skin for several weeks.


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