Hey girl, if you're here, it's probably because you’ve heard the news! Celebrities from all over the world are intrigued with this new Brazilian technique. Massage, Sculpt, Relax, Repeat! Welcome to the Brazilicious® World. The Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage massage is a mix of relaxation and body sculpting. In only 1hour, you'll be able to see your body become healthier and more sculpted from the inside/out.


The way it works is that the client will experience an immediate manual transformation that helps ensure skin uniformity and enhances muscle definition. The unique touch reduces measurements, reduces bloating/swelling, and transforms the skins texture with results that are visible in just the first session.


You can schedule your session here, OR if you are also a massage therapist, you can reserve your spot for our Continuing Education training here.


The results can vary for the outside appearance, but inside you will instantly feel the difference.




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Monday - Friday : 9am - 7pm/ Saturday: 10am - 5pm (Downtown)/ Sunday: 10am - 5pm (Round Rock)
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