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Post Surgery Lymphatic Drainage

Post Surgery Lymphatic Drainage

The Brazilian Post Surgery Lymphatic Drainage Massage by Josie Rushing technique uses the lymphatic system to flush out the fluids without the risk of contamination from squeezing out the fluids. We do not use any aggressive or invasive treatments, such as lipocavitation or wood therapy. We believe that the body has already endured enough trauma after a surgery and we can not only provide relief to the patient through their lymphatic system, but also give them the body contouring that they need.

Non aggressive techniques such as LED lights, tapping, and high frequency ultrasound are used to avoid the accumulation of scar tissue consequently leading to fibrosis. (All of which is based upon years of scientific studies which are readily available.)

Plastic Surgeons usually recommend at least 10 sessions of Lymph Drainage.  1 session is $150/ 10 sessions are $1,000. We Finance (Ask for more details here)



Brazilicious Butt Facial

Brazilicious Butt Facial

How about having all you get in a standard facial, but on your Butt? (Iincluding a butt mask)
Ingrown hairs and acne on our butt could cause both discomfort to our appearance and also to our health.
The “Brazilicious Butt Facial” was created to not only give a better look to our bumbum (butt in Portuguese), but also to help with the skincare of our backside.
Results: can be seen right away
Recovery time: none
Length of Procedure: 60 min
Used for: detoxification, smoothing, exfoliation, helps alleviate ingrown hairs
Pain level: 2 out of 5
Lasts: approximately 1 month
Technique: manual
Contraindications: (will be discussed individually during your initial consultation)



MOST POPULAR: Brazilian Lymphatic  Drainage w/ Josie

MOST POPULAR: Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage w/ Josie

Our most luxurious massage is known by the famous names in Hollywood. Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage by Brazilicious® is an exclusive method that instantaneously sculpts your body. It starts with an invigorating warm up; stimulating specific points of the body, while improving blood circulation with “cupping.” (the cupping therapy is personal. You might have it included or not depending on each case). The Majority of the work is done manually and is perfect for aligning and exalting your curves.
Results: can be seen immediately/results may vary
Recovery time: none
Length of procedure: 50min hands on
Used for: detoxification and relaxation
Pain level: 1 out of 5
Lasts: 3-7 days if followed by healthy lifestyle
Technique: manual
Contraindications: (will be discussed individually during your initial consultation)



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Josie is Amazing ❤
She is helping me to get back in shape and also helping all my pains to go away ❤🙌🏾. I forgot to mention that she also does the best relaxation Massage in town” 🙌🏾💆🏽‍♀
“Thank you Josie you are the best we are so blessed to have you ❤”

“I’ve been seeing Jo for over a year now on a weekly basis. Apart from body treatments, she is a funny therapist for your soul... always pleasant.”

“Mão milagrosas! Lugar perfeito para relaxar, enquanto minhas celulites desaparecem.”

“Josie has magic hands. She can do different style of massage and aesthetic treatments. Her space is very clean, nice and comfortable. I strongly recommend it.”

Josie is awesome! The SPA is a very relaxing and peaceful place to be. I highly recommend!

“Josie is excellent , very knowledgeable, her procedures are effective and affordable, her spa is super clean, meticulously organized, and welcoming. On top of all that Josie is very friendly and make you feel at home. I highly recommend Brazilicious to anyone looking for a healthy and slim body!”

“Josie has made a miracle with me. After 3 pregnancies in a row, i felt flaccid and couldnt really look in the mirror. Her work brought me to life again and in a blink of an eye, i was able to wear a bikini again.”

Josie is so passionate and professional, she explains all the procedures and always recommends just what you really need. You can’t go wrong with her!

“Josie gives an excellent massage. I have been there several times for the relaxing massage and I have felt great after each section. Thank you so much for your amazing work”.

"I highly recommend Josie. She is an excellent professional. She will personalize the procedures according to your needs. She will focus on the areas where you want to see faster results. She is friendly, and very talented. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!"

"Brazilicious is The best place that I ever been. Everything that Josie does is Absolutely amazing I wish I can live there and what I love about her is that she explains how everything works she’s never rushing for anything. She has a clean and spacious room. And she always makes sure that u are happy with the procedure that you are having. I honestly can be here all day saying how amazing she is but my goal here is to highly recommend her so you guys can see and feel what I am talking about. And if you are thinking about getting any of the techniques that she does please don’t think twice. She’s really Amazing"

"“I really love Josie’s work. I have done so many procedures and with many of them I can see the difference right away. I can’t live without her anymore. She’s great!”

“Josie is extremely knowledgeable about all of the procedures she offers.

I have been seeing her for over a year, and the results for every technique is amazing. She does everything with love and care. She listens to your concerns and will tell you whether the procedure you want is most adequate for you. She will walk you through every step of the way. She is amazing, and her hands are out of this world!”

“I have done procedures with Josie at Brazilicious, and I loved it. I can see my body looking leaner, and I feel great. The place is beautiful and the atmosphere is very relaxing!”

“I really recommend the work done by Brazilicious. She is friendly, trustworthy, and professional. She knows exactly how to treat each individual body with excellence”

"Josie es sin duda una masajista perfecta que sabe evaluar y utiliza todas sus técnicas de acuerdo con mi necesidad. ¡No hago masaje que hago terapia !!!”

“Josie is the best! She is very professional, friendly, and the most important, her great service brings my self-esteem back  each time I go there.”

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